Miracle Hot Chocolat natural and organic herbs based ingrediants help reduce hip fat, abdominal fat, thigh fat, arm fat, fat legs, cut back fat and by chin fat.
Miracle Hot Chocolate & Mixberries Essence
Made of natural and organic herbs based ingrediants, Miracle Hot Chocolate help Weight loss, Body slimming and fitting, Saggy skin firming and More... Miracle Mixberries help Anti-skin aging activator, Increase breast size, Diminish melanin, Reduce freckles and dark spots and more...
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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ's )
  FAQ Miracle Hot Chocolate    |     FAQ Miracle Mixberries Essence
Q: Can I get Miracle Hot Chocolate in any pharmacy or beauty saloon?
No. We are only selling online worldwide.
Q. Does Miracle Hot Chocolate assist in weight loss?
Yes! Miracle Hot Chocolate is the most guaranteed slimming product in the market nowadays. We already have many good responses of its amazing weight loss effect, Body slimming and fitting from our customer.
Q. Why is Miracle Hot Chocolate different from the other slimming products in the market?
Miracle Hot Chocolate is formulated with natural ingredients carefully selected to give you optimum results within the shortest period. Its unique blend of ingredients is specially formulated to help you to lose weight without having to starce. This remarkable US formula of Miracle Hot Chocolate is particularly works in fats burning, starches blocking, detoxification and expelling the excessive water in the body.
Q. How soon can we expect to see results from taking Miracle Hot Chocolate?
Generally, you can expect to see results after taking Miracle Hot Chocolate for 14days. More significant results will be observed after taking for 1 month. You will see that your bowel will be more frequent, sign of proper detoxing of unwanted substances and toxins from your body. From the result of better and proper detoxing process, you will see that the size of flabby areas will reduce some parts of your body, for example tummy, upper and lower tights and lower body, then subsequently lead to weight loss.
Q. What would be the observed reaction?
For the first 7 days, you would experience minor insomnia, sweating and dizziness. These all happen as early signs of detoxification of toxins from the body. After 7 days, these signs will reduce and subside.
Q. Is this product meant for men and women of all ages?
Yes. Both men and women can take. However children and pregnant women should avoid taking this product. Those who are under a physician's care for any medical condition should first consult their physician before using this product.
Q. How should I consume Miracle Hot Chocolate?
Consume Miracle Hot Chocolate orally, 30 minutes before breakfast daily.
Q. I don't have Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal account. How do I make an order?
We accept payment by bank transfer and bank in, please see the detail at
Buy Now, Delivery Info & Contact for more info.
Q. How long does it take to receive the product after purchase?
Once payment is received, you will receive an order confirmation from our customer service department by email. After your confirmation is received for the postal address and contact number, we will arrange immediate delivery! Normal delivery time to your door is 2-3 working days (except weekends). Once product is sent, you can check tracking information of the delivery here. You can check status of delivery online with the tracking number.
Q. Is there any other information I need to know?
Yes. After payment has been transferred, contact information for delivery is required (very important).
Once this information is received, the product is immediately sent. 
Q: Can I get a free sample?
We do not provide free sample, normally our customer will buy1 pack for the first try, and 80 to 90% customer will return buy more, because they are happy with the result after 1 month.

Q: When I take mixberries essence, what kind of benefits will I get?
Mixberries Essence helps you to recover energy, repair aging cells in your body, effectively adjust the hormones, increase cell regeneration and strengthen the body organs function. In additional, long-term usage can also beautify your body and whitening your skin.
Q: What is the recommended dose of Mixberries Essence?
If you want to get the best effect in the shortest time, it is recommended to take 2 bags every morning before breakfast or before going to bed for 45 days. After that take 1 pack per day before breakfast.
Q: How long does it take to see the results?
Each individual had different result. Generally, you will see the effect after 14 days. Take a period of 3-6 months or more, the effect will be more obvious and lasting.
Q: When I stopped taking Mixberries Essence, will the effect disappear immediately?
The effect will not disappear immediately, If you stop taking Mixberries Essence the regeneration of body cells will gradually decrease, the aging of cells will again become significant. Mixberries Essence helps to slow the aging process and bring the health, young and beautiful perfect condition.
Q: Will taking Mixberries Essence cause any side effects?
USDA ORGANIC Mixberries Essence had been recognition by the organic Health Association, because the main components are the top ten super fruit and, will not cause any adverse side effects in humans.

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